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Save Time On Social Media Management

With ReliaPost you can choose custom, vendor-approved content to post on your social media platforms. It is designed to let you choose pre-made content for your business, and schedule it out days, weeks, or months in advance. This allows you to save time without sacrificing quality in your social content sharing.

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Social Media Scheduling

In the past, business owners have struggled with using social media scheduling software and finding time to curate eye-catching text, photos, and videos. You can save time with ReliaPost by pulling and scheduling great content from your manufacturers, franchisor or parent corporation. All of this is in a convenient, consistent social voice across all your accounts. 

Research states that consumers are 70% more likely to recommend a brand if they have had a positive experience with it on social media (Ambassador). ReliaPost is an opportunity to schedule polished, professional content to your target market on your social media channels, with little effort.

Get Quality, Brand-Approved Social Content

The social posts in ReliaPost are curated by a team of social media marketing professionals from manufacturing, franchisor, & corporate offices. You, as a subscriber, are able to pick and choose from professionally developed content to align with your business’s marketing focus. Content from our contributors is readily available for you to share with your customers in order to tell them about the products and services you provide. Each contributor curates their content to be helpful and engaging to your customers, while still promoting your business. 

You get to have control over what content you choose and what your business is saying, without the work of creating it all yourself. If you enjoy being more hands-on, you can also choose to customize the content captions to fit your business’s marketing focus.

ReliaPost currently integrates with the following platforms*:




*Additional platforms are being researched for rollout on a regular basis.

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Curating your social content can be as inexpensive as $39.99 a month!

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